About Halal

Halal is used to describe anything permissible under Islamic Law. This covers aspects such as behavior, speech, dress, conduct, manner and dietrary laws. Halal products and services include food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, clothing, financial services and logistic.

About Halal Logistic

Halal Logistics is the process of managing the procurement, movement, storage and handling of materials, parts livestock and (semi) finished inventory both food and non-food (and related information & documentation flows) through the organization and the “Supply Chain” in compliance with the general principles of Islamic law. These processes aims to address the present problem on Halal Integrity within the supply chain as below:

Raw materials for Halal products are sourced globally with lack of traceability.

Legal status and protection of Halal often is missing.

Expected Halal standards and procedures are not applied throughout the supply chain.

Inaccurate Labelling for Halal products.

Multiple and various certification bodies..

No proper segregation of products within supply chain.

Halal logistics operate based on a system of segregation of halal and non-halal goods through the transportation, storage and terminal operation for all modes of transports.

Halal Logistic Hub

Dedicate storage / warehouse in assisting distribution from manufacturer to global customer.

Halal Logistic Management

Supervised all aspects of Halal supply chain of manufacturer or distributor and acts as solution & information service provider.

Halal Logistic Route

Dedicate route in link in supplier to the customer for faster turn around.

Halal Logistic Transport

Dedicate liner / transport for halal products to avoid cross contamination during transit.

Why Halal Logistic?

Islam is the largest religion in Indonesia, with 86.7% of the Indonesian population identifying themselves as Muslim in a 2018 survey. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world, with approximately 225 million Muslims.

A segment of the Halal industry that is increasingly gaining attention is Halal logistics, which can be defined as ensuring Halal integrity in the flow of products and goods throughout the supply chain.

Ideally Halal logistics should manage both physical and information flow throughout the supply chain in accordance to Halal standard. The physical flow deals with such process as procurement, transport, warehouse storage, handling and terminal operations. Here, Halal logistics operate based on a system of separation of Halal and non-Halal products and goods through all these processes.

The information flow meanwhile covers management of data in the supply chain including product information, demand data, and Halal logistics labelling and code. Halal logistics, which aims to ensure Halal integrity of goods and products from the perspective of their movement, is readily an attractive proposition to the global Halal consumers.

Overview of Halal Logistic

About Clichalal

Clichalal is a part of Clickargo ecosystem. The Assessment Institute for Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics - The Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPM - MUI) states that Clickargo has been Implementing Halal Assurance System with category Excellent. Clickargo through Clichalal ready to offer integrated end to end logistics services that are in conformance to Halal requirements.



Goal of

The main goal of Clichalal is to ensure the quality of Halal for end users by monitoring the flow and movement of goods from point of origin to point of destination.
Clichalal is in-line with normal modules for logistics and transportations; but in order to conform to Halal requirements, there will be some additional Halal related modules, standard and procedures incorporated in the system functionality.

Additional Halal related modules

  1. Create a platform for industry players seeking for halal logistics services.
  1. Create a platform for industry players seeking for halal logistics services.
  1. Create a platform for industry players seeking for halal logistics services.
  1. Create a platform for industry players seeking for halal logistics services.

Core Service

About Clickargo

We’re Indonesia’s first 360º digital trade platform that allows traders to conduct end-to-end compliance, shipping and payment processes via a single channel. We have created a fully integrated solution for all businesses that are involved in the trade cycle within the National Logistic Ecosystem (NLE), that promotes connectivity between all stakeholders, allows for seamless track-and-trace, and ultimately simplifies and re-invents the way people trade daily.

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