Why ClicHalal

Clichalal ready to offer integrated end to end logistics services that are in conformance to Halal requirements.

Why Us

Our Main Services

Halal warehouse

Clichalal connects importers and exporters to truck operators who offer Halal certified transportation.

Halal Trucking


Online Payment

Payment for services rendered by Clichalal are settled online. Quick, hassle free and efficient way of transacting.


Clichalal could cover extension coverage of strike risks for all shipments.

Product Highlight of

Web Based Solution

Easily work from any location using mobile devices with internet connection

Data Reusability

Save time & skip repetitive data entry through converged business process

Dashboard Reporting

Quickly generate reports & increase business efficiency with streamline and integrated process and modules

Risk Management

Easily monitor Halal certification statuses and integrity of Halal products during transit

Track & Trace

Instantly track & trace statuses of every process, approvals and cargo movements, online and in real time.

Halal Compliance

Provide training for partner and investor in the field of halal services and halal logistics

Benefits of ClicHalal

Benefit to Logistic Player

Treaceability Product

Mantain Halal Integration

Easy to seeking for Halal Logistics Services

Provide Halal Assurance

Benefit to Consumer

Halal Integrity

Consistency of Islamic Law

Ensure product safe

Standard Compliance

Value Proposition of Clichalal

Halal Monitoring

The information flow covers the management of data for monitoring Halal Certification statuses from Trucking, Warehouse within the Logistic Chain.

Halal Compliance

Provide training for partner and investor in the field of halal services and halal logistics.

Halal Integrity

Clichalal aims to ensure Halal integrity of products supplied and consumed from the perspective of the logistic handling to consumer.

Reduce Cost

Clichalal will increase the demand of Halal Logistic and create competitiveness within this market; hence pushing down the service cost.